Find out the pros and cons of going to a gym vs an online fitness program

We Can Work It Out: The Gym vs. Online Fitness

By Staff Picks on May 31, 2016

Whether it’s buying groceries, finding the hottest new fashions, or meeting with friends, it all seems to be happening online these days. Fitness is no different. More and more people exercise at home with online fitness programs. Is the home program right for you?

Gym Vs. Online Fitness – The Cons

Gym vs Online Fitness - The Cons

Why We Love Online Fitness

Sometimes it can be intimidating going to the gym. So you’ve packed on a few extra pounds. Maybe you just hate others seeing you sweat. Or, the thought of figuring out the machines sends you into a cold sweat. But staying home doesn’t have to mean tubs of ice cream and bathrobes.

Exercising in your living room isn’t anything new, but the variety and freshness to online fitness may surprise you. Most online fitness programs range from about $0-$30 a month. Added to the affordability, exercising in the comfort of your home reduces the hassle and allows you to pick the fitness program you really want.

For those of you who are serious weight trainers, a lot of gyms have been shifting into strictly cardio. When you exercise at home, you’re in control.

Why We Love The Gym

While some people are more comfortable working out at home, there are those who find the environment of the gym crucial to their workout. Also, going to the gym can provide a sense of accountability. If you have trouble being self-motivated, investing in a gym membership can be helpful.

True, you’re going to spend more for the gym than for online fitness, but this cost difference is for a good reason. It’s unlikely that you will have at your house an elliptical, a leg press, a bench press, etc., etc.! Online fitness doesn’t emphasize equipment use. So if you love those machines, head for the gym.

In addition, while many online fitness programs offer you access to a personal trainer, that person isn’t going to be right there with you, watching to make sure you’re using perfect form. In this regard, the risk of injury or at least not getting the max benefit from an exercise can be higher at home.

Choices, Choices…

Everyone is different, so where you exercise should be your choice. There is just as much in favor of the gym as there is for online fitness and the cons weight in pretty equally, too.

Bottomline? It’s essential you find what works for you and COMMIT!

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