It might be easier than you think to start to build muscle! Quit stalling!

Quit Stalling, You’ve Got This!

By Staff Picks on May 20, 2016

You’ve sculpted one incredible physique for yourself! Burning fat comes easily to you at this point and you’re as dedicated as ever to your new bod.

There seems to be just one problem: While your muscle growth was exponential at the start of your body building ventures, it now seems like all you can do is maintain the same mass.

You’re stuck, and it DRIVES YOU CRAZY.

Here’s why and what to do about it!


It’s Not About How Much You Pump

Did you transform from average to beast in a matter of weeks? It’s because that once new regimen was alarming to your system.

With a blank-canvas body, it’s easy to quickly stack pound upon pound and shape your muscles with exponential results in a short time. Yet, as you bulk up your results slow down, and the course of action that got you to beefy status no longer works the same.

Sure, you still sweat like a fiend while lifting, and you feel pretty awesome, too. Your muscles? Not as easily impressed.

What you need instead is to recreate a (healthfully) shocking environment to make you pop.

You probably already know, muscle growth revolves around three interdependent components – muscle tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage.

When you determine YOUR NEXT GOAL, you can tailor specialty workouts utilizing the tactic which will suit you best.


Muscle Tension

Simply adding weight to your lifts, creates a shorter, more difficult work out for yourself – and not in a helpful way. Fact is, you are causing overload. Your brain tells your muscles to self-protect, making your workout ineffective and probably super frustrating.

In a nutshell – stacking on extra iron is less effective than increasing rep volume.

Instead, drag out the same exercises for longer periods of time, to force failure instead of overload. Your body will realize there’s a higher need for endurance, and respond by releasing a growth hormone to recondition the muscle.

Most importantly, MAINTAIN and SUSTAIN. Constant tension requires:

  1. Not breaking during your reps.
  2. Control throughout concentric and lockout postures.
  3. Keeping perfect technique.


Metabolic Stress

Metabolic stress triggers fiber recruitment. When your body is pushing its boundaries in additional reps, fibers used for everyday activity are fatigued, while other resting fibers are called to adaptation due to a new “stressful” situation. That stimulation enacts muscle growth!

fiber recruitment is a key to build muscle


Muscle Damage

This is where you get creative. Sometimes the answer is adding a little more weight and one more rep a week.

OR if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, it meant starting out at your max weight for a set of reps, then lowering your weight for more volume, until you’re handling very little weight for a really long time.

Meaning, you could start with 10 reps at 225, and work your way all the way down to 25 pounds at 200 reps if you wanted to!

When you lift above your usual capacity, you create the good type of muscle damage that calls for a stronger, denser muscle comeback. As they say, “what doesn’t kill you . . .”

Ask yourself: where are you currently at and what must you do to get where you want to be?

Got an answer? Good! Set your mind and do what it takes to get there…#IDareYou!