It's easy to stay fit while you travel. What are you waiting for? Take this gun show on the road!

Let’s Get This Gun Show On The Road

By Staff Picks on May 27, 2016

It’s easy to fall behind when your routine is thrown out of whack from traveling. Jet lag, long meetings, on-the-go meals and not a decent gym in sight are just a few on the long list of sweat-inhibitors. However, it IS POSSIBLE to stay beefy on the road, and keep growing at that. As any disciplined builder knows, excuses are no excuse!

Here are some simple tips to maintain and add muscle while traveling.


It will take pre-planning, but you MUST stick to your guns (no pun intended). Nutrition comes first. Stay away from fast food, keep your meal options simple, ignore the hotel mini bar.

Pack avocados, oats, cans of tuna, protein powder, almonds, snack bars and omega 3 supplements. These are easy ways to ensure you have constant access to protein and good fats.

Take it a step further by packing a smoothie blender if you can. None of this requires a kitchen, or even a refrigerator – so no reason not to!

If you aren’t able to bring an arsenal or hit up the local grocery store, take advantage of the healthy room service options. Stick to grilled chicken, salmon, steak, veggies, quinoa, eggs, spinach salads and the like. You can ask for these to be prepared however you like, sans sauces, butters and grease.

Extra Tip: Travel is a tempting time to leave your diet parameters behind. Fight the urge to splurge and hold yourself accountable by utilizing food and nutrition monitoring tools like My Fitness Pal.


There’s no secret about hotels and lackluster gym equipment. It can be downright disturbing to walk past a dimly lit “fitness center” and see vintage machines that will more likely hurt you than help you.

But Hey – weights are weights, and if they’ve got em – use em! It is not the time to be picky.

Still not happening? Here are some options:

  1. Pay the $15 and go to the local gym!
  2. Explore the city on a several-mile jog each day. In one of these awesome U.S. cities? You will definitely want to head outdoors!
  3. Weather won’t allow for a run? Pack a jump rope and/or resistance bands!!
  4. Be an expert on body weight exercises you can do anywhere. Want a serious challenge?! #IDareYou to do bear crawls down your hotel hallway (and post your pics to Facebook! #NutraKey!)

Top choice: Take a portable suspension trainer with you. They require nothing but a doorframe and yourself. These are excellent for endurance and metabolic workouts. You can tailor your exercises, just as you would at home, to be increasingly challenging – like you never missed a beat.

Bike stations are great for fitness while you travel to new cities
Take advantage of metropolitan city bike stations as a means to get around a new town.


If you find yourself in non-stop meetings or a seminar, you can still get sufficient work outs in. Do a quick warm up to loosen your tightest muscles, jump rope to get your heart rate going and then do some chins ups, planks, and push ups. The classics still work, when your time is limited. Look for 10-15 minutes spurts you can capitalize on. No excuses!


Try and get some decent sleep despite time change and on-the-job demands. Blue light from your mobile device and laptop can mess with your sleep and cause fatigue, which is an enemy to your muscle growing goals. Rest encourages optimal muscle growth.

And lastly, FORGET the “fact” that it’s impossible to train on the go. If you think ahead and remain dedicated, you’ll come home in better shape than you left in!