Use HIIT to defy your genes and start melting fat!


By Staff Picks on May 24, 2016

Whenever someone tells you it’s possible to lose weight fast, improve health in mere days, and get truly sculpted in minimal time, it’s likely this is isn’t entirely true.

That is, unless they’re talking about HIIT. In which case you better listen up, because this is REALLY good.

What Is HIIT?

High intensity interval training is just what it sounds like. It involves exercising all out for short periods of time, followed by intervals of rest. When we say all out, we really mean it. You literally push yourself to the max in the span of 20-60 seconds.

Promote Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Even if you’re a hardcore fitness fan, it can be a real struggle to find the time to work out.

No matter how hectic your life is you won’t have many excuses to miss a HIIT session. When your workout takes about the same time as it takes to warm up and cool down, it’s gonna be a good day in the neighborhood.

Change Your Genes

According to a study done in 2012, intense exercise can change your DNA! It doesn’t matter if this exercise is short. As long as it’s intense, it will transform you.

Studies have shown intense exercise can change DNA expression!

The change that occurs to your DNA with intense exercise is just what you need to boost fat loss. It actually causes changes that activate proteins necessary for fat metabolism. Feel liberated yet?

Get More HGH

On top of that, HIIT targets a group of muscle fibers other exercises (aerobic exercise) don’t. This fiber is called your super-fast fiber, which is responsible for production of HGH (human growth hormone). And as you know, HGH is all about the muscle gains!

HIIT is highly effective and efficient at getting you where you want to be physically, especially if you’re cutting up.


There are several popular HIIT methods that can help crank your training up.

Safety First!

Depending where you are on a fitness level, you may not be able to do the full amount of reps. If you can only do 1 or 2 reps to begin with, that’s fine.

Don’t force yourself to do more as that can cause an injury. As you continue, you’ll work up to more reps.

*Safety Tips

  • Warm up and cool down
  • Work up to the recommended time and reps
  • Listen to your body
  • Higher intensity = longer recovery

Important: If you have any health concerns, please consult your healthcare professional prior to engaging in a HIIT routine.

Whatever method, or type of HIIT you use, it’s going to bring killer results. Get a plan and ditch those long boring workouts that haven’t been doing enough for you.

Get HIIT and get going! #idareyou

What are you waiting for? HIIT IT TODAY