Finding the right exercise for you is key to following through on your fitness goals

One In A Million

By Staff Picks on June 6, 2016

Sarah does Pilates, while Kate does yoga. Tiffany swears by bar class, and Joanne religiously goes to Zumba twice a week.

Ryan is a Cross-Fit believer and John is self made from the din of his garage and all the equipment he’s acquired from infomercials over the years – and hey – it works for him.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of methods of fitness swirling around the industry vying for your attention – it’s downright stressful (not to mention confusing) to figure out what you need for yourself.

Since your body is one in a million (and then some), your fitness should be tailored with the same uniqueness. Here’s a few practical guidelines to navigating the overwhelming options.


This is your starting point. If you don’t know what you want, you’ll have a hard time getting there. So, TAKE STOCK. Be realistic with yourself about where you are, versus where you are aiming to take yourself.

Are you trying to . . .

  • lose weight?
  • gain muscle mass?
  • Get lean muscle?
  • correct health issues?
  • make everyone at your high school reunion jealous?
  • simply be able to touch your toes again?

From here, you can start to create a plan for yourself – what you’ll eat and how much, amount of time you’ll put into it, where you’ll carry out your exercises, who will be your accountability, etc.


  • If you aren’t trying to bulk up, there’s no point in upping your calorie intake and crushing weights.
  • If you want to maintain your current weight, tone your muscle and train for a marathon, don’t waste your time reinventing your diet just because there are whispers of a new diet fad in your spin class.

Get the point??

There will ALWAYS be new discoveries and approaches to “a better body.” But if it doesn’t suit YOUR body, move on.


We’re more likely to succeed at what we ENJOY. With enjoyment comes focus, with focus comes dedication, with dedication comes results.

So if bikram yoga makes you feel like you’re going to either die or choke the instructor, then DON’T DO BIKRAM YOGA.

It sounds like common sense, but there are slews of people who make themselves miserable while trying to attain their fitness goals. Don’t lose out on your health and well-being because Thursday boot camp gives you social anxiety. The biggest enemy to your fitness goals is burnout. Your are much more likely to burnout faster if you are absolutely miserable!

Find your exercise personality! What is challenging to you in a can’t-live-without-it kind of way that leaves you with a sense of accomplishment? What workout will actually motivate you to get out of bed in the morning rather than inevitably hitting the snooze button?


As you reach your initial fitness goals, your body’s response and needs will change. Perhaps you were suffering joint pain and needed to lose 20 pounds before you could think about jogging on a treadmill. Now you’re signing up for a 5k because – well, you feel amazing, and found out you love to run! Or maybe you’re ready to add a couple more dimes before your next set of tricep reps.

It’s all about being willing to change your workout routines and focuses as you determine what’s best for you all along the way – fitness trends can take a hike!