Don't neglect these muscles! Don't skip leg day, bro

Share The Love! STOP Neglecting These Muscles

By Staff Picks on June 10, 2016

We all know the jokes about being a meathead with chicken legs. Yet, despite all the memes making fun of unbalanced physiques, these muscles keep getting overlooked. Your body is more than the mirror muscles. Learn what muscles you’re ignoring and why you shouldn’t!

The Injuries

Muscle groups shouldn’t be a concern to you just because of their appearance. There is a far more serious consequence to pumping up certain muscles while neglecting others. Having unbalanced muscle tone can end up with you getting injured. That is nothing to joke about.

When your muscles aren’t balanced, it places unnecessary stress on your body. As a result of neglecting these muscles you could be on the fast track to injury.

The Muscles

The three most commonly neglected muscle areas seem to be the rhomboids, the forearms, and the calves. The key to notice here is even if you’re doing back day, leg day, arm day, you may not be doing exercises that target the use of these specific muscles.

Then again, you may be skipping these parts of your body all-together. If that’s you, assess if you’re ready to go all in.

Kill Your Weaknesses

If you’re ready, it’s time to quit focusing on your strengths and feel a little pain. It’s all about the DPP.

*Extra Support: We recommend Creatine HCL to help speed up and aid muscle tone.


The calves are one of the most neglected groups of muscles.

*Leg Tip: Do your leg exercises first, that way you’re less likely to skip them.

*Leg Science Fact: To really bulk up calf muscles, don’t do it sitting. The larger gastrocnemius muscles can only be properly isolated when standing.


Forearms are often worked through other exercises, but you should isolate them to get killer arm muscles!

You spend time on your upper arm, but why do you neglect your forearms? Frank McGrath has amazing forearms. Be like him.

*Forearm Science Fact: Exercises such as hammer curls and reverse curls will hone in on the brachioradialis, one of the largest muscles in the forearm.

*Insider Secret: The forearm muscles are indirectly strengthened when you work your back or triceps with pulling exercises.


Rhomboids are the key to good posture and strong back muscles!

*Back Science Fact: This often-neglected back muscle is vital to posture, strength, and movement. Why? The rhomboids pull your shoulders back, provide support for your shoulders, and affect arm movement.

*Insider Secret: Stand a little taller, lose those hot spots of pain, and ditch the hunchback look with the batwing row.

Once you start balancing out your muscle building routine, you’re going to notice a difference. That extra work will translate to a healthier body and a more balanced physique. #MakeLifeBetter #NutraKey