Learn the secret to making a delicious protein shake


By Staff Picks on June 30, 2016

Sometimes downing your protein shake can be like “eating all your vegetables” when you were little. Downright gross.

But hey – you know what’s good for you now, and you can stomach any chalky powder as long as you know it’s helping you out, right?

WRONG, you shouldn’t have to! It’s not rocket science that the more enjoyable something is the more likely you are to stick to it. Your protein shake shouldn’t be any exception! Find one that suits your taste buds and your goals at the same time.


You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Flavor

You probably aren’t any stranger to your own kitchen experiments, desperately trying to find the oh-so-right combination of what you should have in your smoothie and what will mask the less than desirable tastes. Need some help?

Good guidelines to shake or smoothie building are to incorporate a green or other vegetable, fruit, protein, healthy fats, a superfood, and herbs if desired. Try these out:

Dessert is on the house with this delicious protein shake recipe by NutraKey
Bring the ice cream parlor to your kitchen with this delicious protein shake recipe

Your sweet tooth won’t know what hit it.


Feeling Satisfied

Everyone has unique needs, but one thing is clear. If you aren’t satisfied after a meal (or replacement shake) you won’t lose excess fat nearly as easily as if you were.

When the active body still perceives hunger, insulin may be lowered after snacking.

Why? Because you’re body doesn’t have enough calories to burn – so it stores what little you ingested as fat stores! AND it will still produce flab-causing hormones until you’ve paid attention. Meaning – fasting isn’t the trick.

Bottom line? Your shake pre workout should give you enough calories to sustain you through a workout. Your post workout shake should sustain you until your next meal. You should not feel even a hint of deprivation.

Protein powders are EXCELLENT for this, because they provide a fortified, nutrient dense energy boost that’ll help you stick to your routine while helping you see results faster.

Need a refresher on your options?

NutraKey’s WHEY ISOLATE protein keeps you fuller longer, as it is a lower calorie option with the highest concentration of protein. Because of its purity, it provides great workout recovery benefits that you won’t get from a protein with lots of additives.

NutraKey’s WHEY OPTIMA protein is a great choice if you’re new to supplements as they are low in calorie and have digestive enzyme complexes that allow for enhanced protein absorption. This is a smart choice for anyone looking to up their protein intake.

NutraKey’s V PRO VEGAN protein is genius for the lactose intolerant. This hypoallergenic formula is packed with amino acids and plant based nutrition to prep and fuel you for workouts, and aid in muscle recovery.

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